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$215.00 AUD

Cortex Duo herbicide is a non glyphosate weed killer. It is both a non-selective knockdown & a residual herbicide. You can use this to kill seedling & young broadleaf & grass weeds. It is in Group 14...

 Garden & Pond   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

$10.00 USD

Discover the lush world of bamboo at The Bamboo Jungle, your premier destination for non-clumping bamboo for sale. Transform your space with the elegance of non-invasive bamboo or create stunning...

 Garden & Pond   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

$0.00 AUD

Ironbark Metal Design ofers a stuning colection of metal garden sculptures that ad a unique and artistic touch to any outdor space. Each sculpture is crafted with precision and atention to detail,...

 Garden & Pond   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia